How To Install A Car Stereo

Installing  A Car Stereo

Car Audio installation could get expensive, However  When you have a tight budget you might try doing it yourself. On the otherhand if you do not posses the nessessary “hands on skills” no matter how expensive a car stereo system you buy it will not produce a Proffessional Installed sound
To get the best sound out of your new car audio system you need to know how to install it. Installing  a new car stereo  is an  advantage for someone with  experience in wiring and electrical, however , even if you are not, these points will help  you  install a car stereo system by yourself.
#1 step one  Before  installing your new Car Stereo is that there are some things you need to keep on hand, which includes, electrical tape, wire cutters, wire strippers, basic hand tools  and of course your new car stereo.
 tip #2 - Finding the right stereo for your needs.Buy a  car stereo and keep in mind what will fit in the same place the old stereo is removed from. While Buying the new stereo system get a wiring harness,that will allow you to plug the new stereo into the old harness. If you are cant  find a  harness connect each wire yourself. There will be a guidebook included with the stereo to help.
 tip#3 – Remove the positive and negative  battery cables from the battery under the hood.Plug  the   harness into  your new car stereo system or connect the + and the - wire from each speaker to the + and - connector on the back of your new stereo first.
 tip #4 – Fasten the black ground wire to a METAL bolt or plate behind where the stereo will sit. Make sure this is metal not plastic..
How to install tip 4 – Attach the 12v canstant and the ignition wire to thier respective places. Make sure the constant is connected to a constant power source to keep your presets and you clock settings, the ignition source will be activated with the key as to turn off the stereo when you turn off the car.
How to install a tip 5 -After all the wires are connected locate the antenna wire and plug it into the rear of the stereo. once that is complete,you can slide the stereo into its location 
How to install tip 6 – Once all the steps are finished you can reinstall your battery cables and test the stereo to see if it functions properly. Then once that is done you can secure the mounting of the stereo and youre done!

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